Member Spolight: E3 Metals

Chris Doornbos – E3 CEO

Member Spotlight: E3 Metals

This month’s Member Spotlight goes to E3 Metals. E3 Metals is a lithium development company with 6.7 million tonnes lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) inferred mineral resources in Alberta. Through the commercialization of its proprietary ion exchange lithium extraction technology, E3 plans to quickly move towards the production of high purity, battery grade, lithium products. E3 Metals has partnered with Livent Corporation, the largest pure-play lithium producer globally, to accelerate the scale-up of this technology.

E3 Metals combines a significant resource and innovative technology solutions that have the potential to deliver lithium to market in one of the best jurisdictions in the world. The development of this lithium resource through brine production is a well-understood venture in Alberta, where this brine is currently being produced to surface through extensive oil and gas development. For information about E3 Metals, visit