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Listed below is a series of Clean Tech Podcasts, Interviews, and Webinars, hosted by our Executive Director Jason Switzer.

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Episode 25 : Geoffrey Cann Digital Oil And Gas

In this episode Jason speaks with Geoffrey Cann (, a speaker, trainer and author focused on accelerating digital innovation in oil and gas, about the importance and benefits of investing in digital technology in the oil and gas sector in order to achieve decarbonization, and how entrepreneurs can harness social media to build their business.

Episode 24 : Ready, Set, Grow! Getting Investor Ready with Cassels

Recording from ACTia’s Virtual Clean Tech Drinks on November 25th, 2020

Are you getting callbacks from Angels and VCs? Don’t let your legal structure cripple your prospects of building great business.

Join Dan Zuniga of Cassels, a leading Canadian law firm helping startups protect and grow their businesses, for an informative webinar on how to properly organize, form and structure your company for professional investment.

Disclaimer: This podcast and the information in it is subject to changes in the law and its interpretation. It does not constitute, and is not a substitute for, legal or other professional advice. For advice on the matters discussed in this podcast, please consult legal counsel.

Episode 23 : Building your Clean Tech Venture for Success

Recording of ACTia’s event at Edmonton Startup Week 2020 on October 21st, 2020.

Are you thinking about or building a tech startup to change the trajectory of climate change, to feed 9B people, to deliver clean water or to protect biodiversity?

Listen in to this informative discussion of how to navigate Canada’s complex funding and technology validation landscape, what’s hot in global cleantech, and what recent provincial and Federal announcements might mean for your disruptive play, featuring speakers from Emissions Reduction Alberta, Alberta Innovates, and entrepreneurs like yourself.

Episode 22 : Questor Technology with Audrey Mascarenhas

Join Jason as he interviews Audrey Mascarenhas, President and CEO of Questor Technology. Questor creates innovative technologies that helps companies meet their emissions reduction targets. Listen in to hear Audrey’s journey!

Episode 21 : Acceleware with Mike and Kate Tourigny

Join Jason as he interviews the husband and wife duo from Acceleware, Mike Tourigny, VP Commercialization, RF Heating and Kate Tourigny, Director of Business Development. Acceleware is an innovator of transformative clean-tech enhanced oil recovery technology. Listen in to hear both their journeys into the clean tech sector.

Episode 20 : Summit Nanotech with Amanda Hall

Listen in on this interview with Amanda Hall, CEO and Founder of Summit Nanotech. Amanda shares her story on how she bet everything she owned into creating this exciting lithium extraction startup and shares the successes and challenges along the way.

Episode 19 : Carbon Upcycling Technologies with Madison Savilow

In this interview, Madison Savilow, tells us about her journey to becoming Chief of Staff at Carbon Upcycling Technologies. Hear about how they are taking the pollution of today, to create the materials of tomorrow.

Find their consumer products here:

Episode 18 : Clean O2 with Jaeson Cardiff

Join in on this discussion with Jaeson Cardiff, CEO and Co-Founder of Clean O2 Carbon Capture Technologies. Clean O2 is an Alberta based company that converts carbon dioxide emissions from buildings into valuable, high margin consumer and industrial products, including soaps and detergents. Jaeson discusses their new website and branding, as well as their upcoming projects and milestones.

Episode 17 : Proton Technology with Grant Strem

Join us for this discussion with Grant Strem, CEO of Proton Technologies, an Alberta based company that has developed a technology which extracts hydrogen through a patented filter that is inserted deep into abandoned oil wells, the filter allows hydrogen to pass through and reach the surface while all other emissions remain deep underground. Grant shares with us his milestones and highlights as well as his take on how his technology can benefit Canada’s oil and gas sector.

Episode 16 : ReWatt Power with Prageet Nibber

Join us for this post-COVID discussion with Prageet Nibber, co-founder and CEO of Rewatt Power, an Albertan cleantech venture that is an emerging leader in deploying data tools and distributed ledger technology to enable more-efficient and transparent transactions in power, efficiency and offset markets. Prageet shares her experience navigating support through Creative Destruction Labs and the Trade Commission Services accelerator programs, entering the US markets and running a funding round in the midst of the global shutdown. She closes with some insight into what gives her hope right now.

Episode 15 : Federal Ag and Cleantech the ACT Program

Check out our interview with Morgan and Erika about the evolution of technology demands and opportunities in the agriculture sector, its link to decarbonization and competitiveness, and how Alberta’s clean tech ventures can leverage the $25M Federal Agricultural Clean Tech program to advance their ventures in precision agriculture and agri-based bioproducts.

Email: [email protected] 

Episode 14: Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund Accelerator Program

Hosted by one of the world’s largest oil companies, the Fundacion Repsol Entrepreneurs’ Fund is an oil and gas, energy, mobility and circular economy venture accelerator for pre-commercial startups ready for pilot trials with real customers, or startups that will reach that stage in less than 1-2 years. Ventures have received non-dilutive funding, mentoring, engagement with Repsol’s business units and network, a good-faith commitment to try to pilot, all without any obligation regarding IP or location. Its over 50 graduates include Alberta’s Carbon Upcycling Technologies. Learn more about the program from our podcast interview with Repsol’s Entrepreneurship Manager Gloria Vidal, and apply before March 4!

Episode 13: Alberta Ag and Forests with Barb Archibald and Tom Goddard

Join Jason as he discusses the current situation and future prospects of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry with Barb Archibald and Tom Goddard.

Episode 12: ZenEarth with Charity Callahanh Graham Allen

Join David as he interviews Charity Callahan of Zen Earth! Zen Earth replaces commercial use chemicals used in various industries with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Episode 11: Power Forward Tech Challenge with Graham Allen

Join Jason as he interviews Graham Allen of NRCan and spokesperson for the Power Forward Tech Challenge. The Cleantech industry is starting to implement a plethora of new and different technologies that have the potential for far reaching impacts.

The Power Forward Challenge is a call for entrepreneurs in Cleantech to design solutions for smart grid technologies in a partnership between Canada and the UK. Listen on for more details!

December 2018

Episode 10: E3 Metals with Liz Lappin

Join us as we interview Liz Lappin of E3 Metals! E3 Metal’s value proposition is extracting lithium from brine reservoirs located in Alberta for use in large scale electrical grid storage and electric vehicles. Listen for details on the company’s extraction process, what sets E3 Metals apart from other producers, and how they have navigated the Cleantech industry in Alberta.

November 2018

Episode 9: Terrapin Geothermics with Sean Collins

This Clean Tech Podcasts discusses how Geothermal Energy is gaining traction in Alberta, with great synergies in already existing industries. Join us as we interview Sean Collins of Terrapin Geothermics  and talk about scaling geothermal projects, navigating the regulatory environment, and transitioning to a clean economy.

November 2018

Episode 8: Success Stories with Algae Aquaculture Technologies

Join David in an interview with Grant Kelba of Algae Aquaculture Technologies Canada, a biotech play that creates greenhouses and, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, produces energy and biofuels.

October 2018

Episode 7: Lynn Cote with Export Development Canada

Join Jason Switzer of ACTia and Lynn Cote of Export Development Canada as they talk about Cleantech, breaching the overseas market, funding agencies, building a pitch, and more.

October 2018

Episode 6: Success Stories with CleanO2

Learn about how CleanO2 helps others achieve carbon capture and utilization goals with a small, aesthetically pleasing CCUS unit, the business model that makes company work, the origin story behind the company, and what CEO Jaeson Cardiff thinks the cleantech ecosystem can most benefit from.

Episode 5: AI and Advanced Data Analytics for Environmental Performance

In this Clean Tech Podcasts, Nathan Ashcroft (Stantec), Eleni Stroulia (University of Alberta), Kelly Lyons (University of Toronto) and Jason Switzer (ACTia) discuss how Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning promise to transform industries and sectors, from agriculture and the built environment through petroleum and zoology. But how? And what is the clean tech opportunity specifically?

June 2018

Episode 4: Winning 10 Minute Pitches – Getting the Next Meeting with Evan Hu

With Evan Hu – Serial Entrepreneur & Executive Coach & Jason Switzer (ACTia).  Is it better to approach with a planning mindset? Or should you engage with an experimental one? Join Jason and Evan as they discuss crucial skills needed for innovative entrepreneurs, from mindset to pitches.

June 2018

Episode 3: Mike Dixon with WaterNext

With Mike Dixon (WaterNext) and Jason Switzer (ACTia). From leaving home to work for a California startup to settling down in Calgary to help create WaterNext, Mike brings to the table a plethora of expertise in the industry. In this podcast, learn about the resources available to entrepreneurs, the optimism in Alberta’s water market, and how to scale and market your water solutions.

June 2018

Episode 2: New Report Highlights the Geothermal Industry’s Potential in Alberta

With Aletta Leitch (Pembina Institute), Jason Switzer (ACTia), Nathan Coles (CanGEA) and Sean Collins (Terrapin Geothermics). Geothermal energy presents itself as not only a clean source of energy, but one that shares many similarities with oil and gas technology. Learn how it can generate an abundant amount of electricity, as well as challenges in the industry.

May 2018

Episode 1: German-Canadian Council for Innovation and Research Podcast

With Katelyn Peterson (GCCIR) and Jason Switzer (ACTia).
The GCCIR is a joint venture between the German Federal Government, the Government of Alberta, and the University of Alberta. Their objective is to foster relationships and identify potential opportunities and partnerships. Learn how they do it by listening to this podcast.