2019 Alberta Clean Tech Ecosystem Map

The essential guide to navigating Alberta’s Clean Tech ecosystem


We first launched the Alberta Clean Tech Ecosystem Map (The Map) in 2017 in response to a growing call for Clean Tech specific resources to help navigate the ecosystem and to market the Province’s programmes.

With sponsorship and support from private and public sector partners from across our community, we invited feedback through a series of focus groups, comments and review sessions to shape a new, easier-to-use format with the updated content you find here.

The new map is now available in the following forms:

  • Poster:  large format poster for display in the offices of accelerators, ecosystem advisors, trade commissioners, investors, and technology validators.

  • Tear Away sheets:  double sided “Tear Away” conceirge maps for distribution at events & conferences, and for use as a checklist by innovators.

  • PDF:  downloadable & printable Two-page PDF with active hyperlinks on all the resources listings and logos.

It is our goal that The Map will help support the growth of the Alberta Clean Tech Sector by:

  • Streamlining access to funding for new and growing Clean Tech ventures

  • Increasing awareness of key resources such as service providers & government  programs

  • Highlighting industry partners that are supporting Alberta Clean Technology

  • Market our Clean Tech ventures across Alberta and beyond

  • Attract investors and innovators to Alberta

  • Facilitate research and analysis, to support policy & funding decisions, facilitate job growth, etc.

A note on Errors, Omissions & Feedback

Please note that the status of companies, programs and services is continuously changing.  There are also many wonderful programs, services and companies that are not on The Map.  We did our best to highlight the key resources we were aware of, within the space constraints of The Map.  The Map is a community effort to make sense of our ecosystem, it is not intended to be complete, up to date, or without errors or omissions.

On that note, if you find errors, omissions, or have suggestions for how to improve the next update, we want to hear from you!  Please email us your comments so they can be reviewed for the next update.

Want to be part of the 2020 / 2021 Alberta Clean Tech Ecosystem Map?

Sponsors are needed to support the update and roll out for next year’s Map.  If you are interested in supporting the continuation of this essential resource, please contact us for further information.