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ACTia’s Member Spotlight is to highlight the achievements of our members, and to showcase innovative clean technology being developed in Alberta.

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Member Spotlight: E3 Metals

E3 Metals Corp

Member Spolight: E3 Metals

Chris Doornbos – E3 CEO

This month’s Member Spotlight goes to E3 Metals. E3 Metals is a lithium development company with 6.7 million tonnes lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) inferred mineral resources in Alberta. Through the commercialization of its proprietary ion exchange lithium extraction technology, E3 plans to quickly move towards the production of high purity, battery grade, lithium products. E3 Metals has partnered with Livent Corporation, the largest pure-play lithium producer globally, to accelerate the scale-up of this technology.

E3 Metals combines a significant resource and innovative technology solutions that have the potential to deliver lithium to market in one of the best jurisdictions in the world. The development of this lithium resource through brine production is a well-understood venture in Alberta, where this brine is currently being produced to surface through extensive oil and gas development. For information about E3 Metals, visit

Previous Member Spotlights

The following past member spotlights are ACTia members who we previously featured on our website and newsletter.

Saskatchewan Research Council

CeDER is a platform managed and led by Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) that provides real-world testing, demonstration and validation of emissions measurement, reduction, capture and conversion technologies. Designed to accelerate industry adoption of practical and economic technologies, CeDER offers independent, industry-recognized, third-party certification. Building on SRC’s expertise and experience in the oil and gas sector, CeDER is focused on testing methane emission reduction and conversion technologies relevant to operators in varying plays and across provincial boundaries. CeDER can test and validate emissions technologies for low and high-volume sources, from fugitive emissions to process venting to larger plants.

While the principal focus is on methane, CeDER can also test, verify and demonstrate technologies to reduce and convert Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Mono-nitrogen oxides (NOx) and Sulfuroxides (SOx).

Other capabilities include GHG verification and life cycle assessment, technoeconomic assessments, real-world technology performance and emissions testing and instrumented mobile facilities for air quality monitoring.

SRC’s CeDER mobile facilities are modular, meaning that the instrumentation and equipment required for each project can be mobilized as needed. SRC’s mobile capability has been designed to be flexible and to provide a wide range of testing for diverse technology scenarios. Wireless data acquisition systems allow us to use industry standard instrumentation on-site.

SRC’s mobile CeDER trailers can be deployed to test technologies in the field at full or pre-commercial scales and can be deployed at field locations across Canada.

Cleantek Inc

CLEANKTEK Industries (formerly Horizon Oilfield Solutions) is an Alberta based company that continues to expand its market year after year with a solid product base of innovative technologies. They imagine, design, patent, manufacture and market intuitive, technology-based equipment that requires less fuel, minimal maintenance and has a low operating cost-all while preserving the environment.

Like most Alberta businesses, the effects of the downturn in the oil industry were felt at their core. Operations were stalled or changed but it allowed for an alternate vision to come to fruition as they expanded into different industries with their products, and redeveloped their brand.  Most recently, they have been manufacturing full-tilt, trying to keep up with demand of their current product lines and developing new products at their manufacturing facility in Rockyview, Alberta at the same time, doubling their employee count. With an increase in staff they’ve outgrown their current space and are moving their corporate headquarters to downtown Calgary in the fall of 2018.

In addition to the Calgary and area offices, CLEANTEK has operation centers in British Columbia and Northern Alberta, and with the recent acquisition of APOLLO Energy Services, they are expanding their operations alongside APOLLO’s already established operations, in Pennsylvania and Texas. With global market presence on the rise, CLEANTEK remains dedicated to providing the same impeccable commitment to service, hard work and quality, clean technology.

Borealis Geopower

As of 2018, geothermal energy remains a largely untapped resource in Canada. Engineers Tim and Alison Thompson co-founded Borealis GeoPower Inc. with the intention of changing this. Borealis is a private Canadian corporation focused on developing scalable high-temperature geothermal projects throughout western and northern Canada. The company is spearheading geothermal exploration and development in Canada and currently has 3 properties in its portfolio. The company also provides consulting services for third party geothermal projects and has undertaken several geothermal energy exploration activities in Canada.

CEO Alison Thompson holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and a Master of Engineering degree in chemical engineering from McGill university and an MBA from Queen’s University. Chairman Tim Thompson holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queens University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Dalhousie University, and an MBA from Queen’s University. Both Tim and Alison hail from Ontario and have extensive experience in the energy industry, the latter which equipped them with both the savvy and the motivation to co-create a renewable energy startup.

As one of Canada’s first geothermal startups, Borealis has supported a long journey of advocating to various levels of government to change laws and tax codes to accommodate geothermal energy, and to leave a better path for the future of the Canadian geothermal energy industry. Through the company’s continuous efforts, it became the first ever to receive a geothermal resource well authorization in BC and NWT and the first company to order a geothermal power plant in Canada. Currently, Borealis is drilling for the first phase of the Canoe Reach project, located in Valemount BC. This phase includes the development of a 450 kW micro-power generation demonstration project. Borealis intends to develop small and large-scale geothermal heat and power projects in the Canoe Reach property and is currently seeking commercial and industrial customers for the planned GeoHeat Park and commercial GeoPower plant.

As a certified B Corp, Borealis GeoPower aims to create an impact that goes deeper than the drilling. The company seeks to leverage geothermal energy to provide reliable electricity, heat, jobs, and a diversified local economy. Borealis GeoPower has also partnered with various First Nations communities, such as Kitselas and Acho Dene Koe, on its projects. Borealis also takes pride in its culturally diverse and gender-balanced team. As a female entrepreneur, Alison Thompson has placed an emphasis on setting an example for women and youth in science, technology, and entrepreneurship, by being involved in organizations such as Youth Science Canada, PowHERhouse, and Alberta Women Entrepreneurs.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies

At Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) we believe that CO2 is not a liability but a resource that we can use to help build our world’s future.

Our core technology is a process that combines captured CO2 with waste products (fly ash, graphite, coal or pet coke) to create a portfolio of nanoparticles for use in a whole range of industries as performance-enhancing additives.

Our additives are used in everyday materials to enhance strength, durability and efficiency. They have potential in a variety of markets and applications such as improving battery life, solar panels, epoxies, pharmaceutical drug efficiency and reinforcing plastic or concrete materials. We are currently manufacturing and marketing a concrete coating that is cheaper, easier to use and more effective at preventing corrosion than conventional products on the market.

The use of our additives enables companies to mitigate their CO2emissions and costs by reducing the amount of material needed for expensive, GHG-intensive processes to createproductslike plastics and concrete.

Founded in 2014, CUT isthe youngest CO2utilization company to hit commercial revenue. We have also been announced as one of the ten finalists in the Carbon XPRIZE Competition. With the aggressive scale-up we have been through, we are looking to build partnerships that can further accelerate our growth and vision for the Carbon Age.

Geometric Energy Corporation

Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) is a mathematical, scientific, and policy R&D and intellectual property licensing firm founded in 2015 which invents and commercializes new hardware and software innovations. Initiated through the vision of Samuel Reid, who brought together a team of scientists and engineers, GEC has developed an innovative new solar technology – Lumenarx – which is a dual-axis tracking low-concentration photovoltaic array, which will be commercialized this year. GEC is in the process of raising capital for an initial manufacturing run of Lumenarx, to be distributed by Canadian Energy.

Over the past 2 years we have expanded from a few co-founders to over 20 personnel by 2017. We have raised over $200k CAD in share capital, have received over $100k CAD in grants, and almost $100k CAD in consulting revenue since our inception.

Business Opportunity:

Geometric Energy is a photovoltaic systems research and development firm with the vision of commercializing sustainable energy technology through product innovation. The Company is led by a management team with a proven track record of developing proprietary technology for commercial use, coupled with a best-of-class global solution for solar power generation in industrial, commercial, and residential markets. The creation of GEC in June of 2015 was inspired by the co-founders’ previous work falling under intellectual property assignments and their desire to commercialize new inventions, as well as a drive to facilitate the integration of innovative, clean technology in the energy sector. GEC is seeking capital investment in order to bring their photovoltaic system to market.

Value Proposition:

Addressable Issue: Existing commercial concentrated photovoltaics require large up-front equipment expenditures with excessive heat issues requiring expensive photovoltaic cells. Traditional flat PV installations experience reductions in power output due to a suboptimal angle of incidence.

Product Offering: The Lumenarx racking system has been developed internally by GEC’s R&D team. It utilizes low cost materials in a scalable size, and functions by focusing on the incident angles of the incoming rays on the panels. This approach provides the geometrically maximized output, and ultimately improves economics. Initial studies indicate Lumenarx increases daily energy output by ~160% and ~115% when compared to Flat Fixed and Flat Tracking photovoltaic systems, respectively. Standard mono-crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells can be used in the array due to the lack of heat build -up in the collector. A robust and modular industrial design allows for operational strength and ease of installation.

Application: Off-Grid Generation, Industrial (O&G, Mining, Agriculture), Utility-Scale Solar Farm.

The Geometric Energy solar device is inherently superior to conventional solar panels and overall installations in terms of performance. This increased performance translates directly into an e4conomic benefit. Manufacturing cost estimates for 720W units amount to $1720.80 ($2.38/W) with 20% margin MSRP providing $2066.40($2.87/W) unit cost for IRR calculations at 23.13% over 20 years and 23.41% over 25 years.